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when we playfully together, everyone wins

our story

We're a team of folks who work for Chick-fil-A. We're also parents and like so many parents, we are juggling life's demands, often pressed for time and even device-distracted.

We were talking about this one day and stumbled across a study that said American families spend only about 37 minutes of quality together time on any given weekday. We realized we aren’t the only ones – many families are struggling for time. Aha - Inspiration! We thought to ourselves: “There has to be a way to make more meaningful minutes!”

So we started to dream up fun games and activities, easy for the whole family to enjoy. We road-tested our new creations with our own kiddos… on the way to practices, while waiting for restaurant tables, at our messy kitchen counters… and the reviews were strong! In fact, they were met with giggly, sticky-fingered applause (or at least smiles and a bit of enthusiasm rather than tantrums or eyerolls).

Anyhoo, we are excited to share these products with you. Our hope is with a bit of pennycake, your families, like ours, will have a few more minutes a day filled with tender together time.

Cake every minute count,
Your friends at pennycake

our secret ingredient

We know it’s important to create thoughtfully designed products. That’s why we partnered with child and family experts to ground our products in guiding principles that serve the family best as a whole.Pennycake products are designed to:

Cultivate play and imagination

Experts say providing play and exploration that’s open-ended and imaginative corresponds with how younger kids learn while helping older kids relax.

Build relationships

When kids and parents work together, they laugh and listen to one another; cultivating positive attention and belonging.

Facilitate child empowerment

A kid’s self-confidence is nurtured when they are encouraged to lead and contribute to games and activities.

Provide flexibility

Inclusion of the whole family happens when age ranges, personality types, interests and ability levels are acknowledged in product design.

Enrich engagement

Kids feels cared for and learn how to show care when asked to individually contribute their thoughts and ideas to conversations and activities.

playfully together

Being in the same room doesn’t mean you’re truly together.
Even playing the same game doesn’t mean you’re all entertained,
nor fully engaged in the moment with the people you love.

But when you gather around a pennycake game
— no matter your age — you’re all on the same page of fun.

That’s when you are joyfully …
Beautifully …
Meaningfully …
Truthfully … present.

And that’s how you
play fully together.