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Meet FrameTheFun™ Family Bucket List

Meet FrameTheFun™ Family Bucket List

Meet FrameTheFun™ Family Bucket List

Planning ahead for time spent together can be a hard task, even for the most well-intentioned parents. As time spins on, we need an easy way to plan for memorable times ahead. So we made one.

Picture this:

You’re out running errands one Saturday with your kids in the back of the car. As you drive by a typically open field, suddenly a Ferris wheel appears. You found a pop-up amusement park! They seem to have face painting stands, rollercoasters, and balloons as far as the eye can see. Your daughter pipes up, saying “I want to ride the tilt-a-whirl!” as she spots it beyond the chain link fence, pointing excitedly.

This brings up a memory of the first time you rode a ride. It was the log ride, and you were afraid you’d get splashed and have to spend the rest of the day in a soggy t-shirt. But you went anyways, and even though you got a little wet, the feeling of the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, and the water splashing your skin as your log whizzed down the track was a feeling you’ve always remembered. It’s a feeling we get as a kid, when the colors of new, everyday experiences shine brightly ahead, full of promises to make memories that are lasting.

It would be fun to go to the amusement park, of course, but you have a trunk full of groceries, and didn’t plan on spending your day on an impromptu activity. “Maybe someday soon, honey. Our ice cream is melting!” you say.

As the days go on, you continue to drive past the amusement park, wishing you had time to plan a trip for your family. But, between starting a new job, the kids always needing things for school, and countless trips to the store, the amusement park doesn’t stand a chance. The leaves change colors, and the rollercoasters are shut down until the park opens again next season.

It’s time to make a plan everyone wants to stick to. Meet FrameTheFun—the easy way to frame up fun ways to spend family time together. Read on to learn how:

Make Memories You Can See

Next time you sense an opportunity for together time, you’ll have a way to plan for it intentionally. The FrameTheFun® Family Bucket List is the best of all worlds. Think of it as if a cross between a wish list, an advent calendar, and a photo collage.

In the box, you’ll find a basswood frame, a deck of cards, and some options to help you set up your display (is it going on a wall or sitting on a counter or shelf?). The frame holds 12 cards, each suggesting a new thing to do. As a family, pick out which activities you’d like to plan on doing together. Slide them in the frame and plan some days ahead to complete your selected adventures.

As you spend the day together doing your activity, remember to take a photo! Print it out to a 3x3 size, then swap the original card with your new photo. Voilà! One memory in the books…. or better yet, in the frame!

Scenarios to FrameTheFun

  • Summer break
  • Winter break
  • Fall break
  • Spring break
  • Start of the year
  • For a birthday week
  • With grandparents
  • With extended family
  • When planning a road trip

Questions and Answers:

Q: How long does assembly take?

A: Almost no time at all! Simply attach the feet or hang on the wall using the attached string.

Q: What if things don’t go according to plan?

A: Just swap out the card, no worries! Pictures are incredibly easy to replace.

Q: Do I need to take it off the wall to add a new picture?

A: Nope! The slots face outward to make replacing pictures snappy.

Q: How big is the wooden frame?

A: The frame is 18”x12”.

Q: What size does my picture need to be?

A: Photos should be 3x3. There are a number of online photo processing companies who print Instagram-size photos. You can also size on your computer and print on your own printer.

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