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Spring Into Warm-Weather Family Activities

Spring Into Warm-Weather Family Activities

Spring Into Warm-Weather Family Activities

Getting outside as a family can be incredibly rewarding and come with lasting memories. But the opportunities for these moments can pass you by in a blink—especially if you forget to look at a weekend forecast, and temperatures get a little too hot before you’ve had a chance to enjoy the fresh air.

Previously,  we talked about setting goals within your reach. In short, if you intend to visit a national park as a family but you just don’t have the time, you can reap a similar reward by visiting underrated destinations nearby, watching nature shows, and going on long walks together. In the end, you still made memories as a family and learned about nature together.

But what if you don’t necessarily have a list of must-do’s for the upcoming warmer months? Squeezing something extra into the new whirlwind that comes with every day may not feel feasible among all the other things flying around. The truth is—whatever you can manage is enough. Everything else is the cherry on top. The beautiful thing about memories is that they will be created whether or not you plan them. Give yourself a pat on the back; if you’ve read to here in this article, you clearly care a lot about your family. Seeking out resources on how to create meaningful time together proves that.

For all your efforts, you deserve to see the world come to life through your children’s eyes. So, it’s time to get plans in the books for the warmer months ahead. Read on to crack the code to make memories with your family that fit seamlessly into your whirlwind.

Plan For Memorable Moments

As a parent, you already have a busy schedule: Making it to work on time, keeping your fridge stocked, helping with math homework, carting your littles between guitar lessons and basketball practice, unpacking conversations your spouse had during their working lunch—and don’t forget to feed the dog! So let’s break down planning into some categories to make it easier to get started.

Let’s start with your current routine and get more ambitious as the list goes on:

A weeknight activity

  • What’s something you could do right after school? Chalk the driveway or go on a bike ride before the sun goes down.

A weekend activity

  • Suppose you have a Saturday with some wiggle room. In that case, it’s a great opportunity to spend some time doing the things you always see on your drive home, but never have time to do right then—like visiting a neighborhood splash pad, eating at a fun new restaurant, or shopping around a local farmer’s market together.

A special one-time-only activity

  • Something “special” is something you don’t do every day. That’s why water parks, putt-putt golf, bumper boats, and go-karts are some of the best things to look forward to when the temps start to go up. Get your special activity on the calendar now and count down together.

An old tradition

  • What is something you or your spouse did growing up that you’d like to pass down? If Friday night was movie and pizza night when you were growing up, there’s no reason to ever stop.

A new tradition

  • Last time you were scrolling down your favorite social media app, were you inspired by other fun outside activities for families? Don’t forget about them—turn them into new traditions you and your family do each year. Grow tomatoes in the backyard, have an annual water balloon showdown, or go on a family 5k at the park, the options are endless for intentionally creating memorable moments.

A rite of passage

  • Your “first time riding a bike” doesn’t come along every day. As kids grow, they get to be the age you were when you had your first lemonade stand or swam without floaties. If there are any milestones you think your child may be ready to hit, like being able to tie their own shoes, now is the perfect time to get started on some skill-building.

An overnight activity

  • Go camping, have a staycation at a hotel downtown, or host a sleepover. Vacation-type experiences are still just as good when they’re bite-sized (i.e., in your own city).

A trip

  • This must be why those scheduled days off are called “spring break” and “summer vacation”. Getting out of town might be the hardest task on this list. But, if possible, it can also be uniquely meaningful and memorable time you spend as a family. Take this time to go visit grandparents, take a car-camping road trip, or hop on a plane and experience a new place as a family. 

What are things you want to do together in each of these categories? Spend some time brainstorming together, so everyone has a chance to make the most out of their time in the sun.

  • There are some categories we didn’t cover. Things like:
  • Something to do in the morning
  • Something to do at night
  • Something to do when it’s raining
  • A skill to build
  • An act of service
  • Something to do in a new place
  • A way to make a new friend
  • & plenty more things only you could come up with!

Come up with the things that you feel will round out your together time this spring and summer. Once you’ve got your list, move on to the planning phase.

Frame Up Fun Times Ahead

Let’s turn that list into something that won’t get stuck in the junk drawer and found a year later. Who said advent calendars were just for December? And who said bucket lists were just for adults? Combine the two ideas to see your plans come to life in a whole spectrum of colors.

We created the FrameTheFun™ family bucket list as the best way to plan for memorable times ahead. With 35 activity cards and a sturdy wooden frame, your plans will be something everyone can look at and look forward to. When you’ve completed the activity, replace the original card with a 3x3 photo and watch your memories come to life in real time.

Read our blog all about what makes FrameTheFun special here.

Whether using a calendar, your phone, or sticky notes, making your plans a visual reminder of what’s ahead helps create the right kind of accountability for creating memorable moments with your family.

We hope you have lots of fun in store soon. Tag @pennycake in your photos on Instagram so we can follow along! Happy planning!

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