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Turn Everyday Time Into Quality Time

Turn Everyday Time Into Quality Time

Turn Everyday Time Into Quality Time

There’s something nice about a routine. It creates a sense of security and gives your family a regular rhythm. Wake up, make coffee, pour a bowl of cereal, pack a lunchbox or three, comb everyone’s hair, comb your own hair, get in the car, sit in the drop off line, go to work, pick the kids up, soccer, dinner, bath, clean up, bed. Do it all again tomorrow. And the next day. You could practically turn it into a song and do it with your eyes shut.

It's satisfying to check off all the boxes. But let’s be realistic about the flipside—when you’re doing the same thing day after day, it gets a little monotonous. “How am I supposed to change that?” is a valid question. After all, you can’t just stop helping your kids brush their teeth to have time to come up with fun things to do. Between everything else, when would you even do them?

The average family only gets to spend 37 minutes a day together. Yes, this number includes time spent in the car, around the dinner table, and watching TV before bed. In this case, a Saturday birthday party or a new movie release to stream at home might be the only things a parent can think about fitting into an already busy schedule. So, this leaves a golden opportunity: to make the most of the time you already have. Read on to learn how you can transform everyday rhythms into meaningful rituals, the pennycake way.

Time to rise and share

There’s no doubt that mornings are chaotic. “Where’s your backpack?” “Make sure to double knot your shoes.” “Wait, I need to check your homework!” … sound familiar? Keeping everyone in line is a tall order, especially before you’ve had your coffee. How could you possibly make this time more meaningful? Daily life can be hard for anyone, especially for a child with a math test and separation anxiety. In the chaotic day to day, look for the quiet moments. Then, fill them with plans for the future.

  • Is school almost over? Start with the big picture while you’re packing a lunchbox: “What should we put on our list to do this summer?
  • Get a little dreamier while putting your daughter’s hair in a pony tail: “When you grow up, what kind of pet do you want to get?
  • And when it’s time to buckle seatbelts in the car: “Where should we get ice cream after you take your test today?

Making plans together helps create meaningful moments while learning about what’s important to each other. Sparking these moments with your children will help you learn things you didn’t already know about them and help them learn about you in turn. ChatterTime can open the door to new conversations, making future plans, and having lots of laughs along the way. Check it out here.

 On-the-go storytime

Raise your hand if you’ve ever picked your kids up from school, said “How was your day?” and gotten a one-word answer. Or maybe even a shrug and a vague “I don’t know” kind of response. Really, who can blame them? Looking back, we know school is enriching, but it kind of feels like a workout. It takes discipline, focus, and determination. It pays off in the long run, but at the end, you just want a snack and some time to relax.

This is a great opportunity to turn a 20-minute trip in the car into something that takes the pressure off and gets everyone’s creative juices flowing. Sounds like it’s story time.

There are endless ways to tell stories together. Make it collaborative, taking turns looking outside and using things you see around you to add a line to the story. Or, tell stories based on your memories, letting each person pick a situation. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Tell a story about a time you made a new friend
  • Tell a story about a time you played in the rain
  • Tell a story about a time you felt nervous

    Want to add a silly twist of pretend? Add “in outer space” to each of the examples we listed, and let your imagination run wild. Telling stories together lowers inhibitions, helps strengthen relationships, and inspires creative thinking and problem solving. If you’d like to find a way to make storytelling a family favorite activity, SpinSpinShare can help add a special touch! See how here.

The evening winddown

Picking out a movie and settling into the couch sounds easy enough, but when was the last time everyone agreed on the same movie? By that same token, when was the last time a movie kept everyone’s attention—from your 14-year-old to your 4-year-old? Finding an easy activity everyone can do together is a good way to settle down at the end of the day. It’s even better if it’s hands on and can burn up the last of the day’s energy. Here are some ideas:

  • Get moving: Use your household items to your advantage. Go on a scavenger hunt, sort things into categories, or build a pillow fort. The options are endless and will keep everyone engaged until they’re sleepy.
  • Gather around: Play a board game or build a puzzle. Pennycake’s JoinAround puzzle can be split into four sections, each with a different number of pieces. Your youngest can work on the 22-piece while your oldest works on the 75 piece. When each section is done, the puzzle joins together to make one big picture. It’s a great way to make sure little brains tire themselves out and are ready for the dreams ahead.
  • Get artsy: Who said a masterpiece had to be the work of one artist? Set a timer for 15 minutes and take turns drawing pictures. When time is up, swap your picture with the person across from you so they can add to it. Keep going ‘til it’s bedtime!

At the end of the day, it’s nice to wind down in a meaningful way. Spending time together creates time to laugh and play. Laughing and playing creates a safe environment for expressing feelings of all kinds down the road. Our examples are a good start, but there’s always more to uncover together. After you try these, see what Mix It Up has to offer for fun, simple ways families can spend quality time together. 

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