Let’s Go—With pennycake® On-the-Go Games
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Let’s Go—With pennycake®  On-the-Go Games

Let’s Go—With pennycake® On-the-Go Games

Let’s Go—With pennycake® On-the-Go Games

Being a parent who’s always running out the door means being ready for anything. Whether it’s managing a grocery run between school pick-up and soccer practice, or creating a dentist appointment schedule for three kids in one afternoon, “efficiency” may just be one of your favorite words. But even in all the hours you’ve saved by being one step ahead, the best part of the chaos is witnessing the occasional joy that comes when your family is together.

Experiencing joyful moments together enriches the lives of both you and your children. And the memory making, conversation having, getting a little silly time doesn’t have to end just because you’re in the car, at the grocery store, waiting for a dentist appointment, etc.

We design products that bring families together. We also have the best of our line ready for all of your On-the-Go needs. Keep reading to learn more about ChatterTime On-the-Go and Mix It Up On-the-Go.

Where can you play on-the-go?

  • Courtside with the youngest siblings at basketball practice
  • In the waiting room at the doctor
  • At dinner with grandparents
  • To the park with neighbors
  • On the bus during a field trip
  • Waiting for the pizza to be ready for pickup
  • Along the miles of road on your way to visit the cousins
  • To a night under the stars in the backyard
  • On the way home from school
  • … and everywhere else!


ChatterTime On-the-Go

ChatterTime® On-the-Go is made up of six different categories, each one serving a different purpose to give family conversations a boost. The best part is, the little zipper pouch will fit right into your purse, diaper bag, center console—anywhere! The categories include:

Convo Cues

Convo Cues is meant to serve up questions you might not have ever thought to ask, helping you spark imagination and see the world through someone else’s eyes. When we’re with the same people day in and day out, it’s easy to think that we know them better than anyone else does. Turns out, they may still have some fun facts to share.

Lots of Laughs

When you’ve got some hangry kids in the back seat, a joke might lighten the mood. Good thing we’ve got our Lots of Laughs deck, ready to serve up smiles, card after card.

Which of These

Drive a different way to soccer practice every day for a week, or have to bring a new recipe to a bake sale every day for a week? If you HAD to choose, which would it be? In a world of hypothetical wacky scenarios, we all have some very important decisions to make.

Future Plans

Sometimes when you get in the car, all you can do is think about all the things you want to do when you get out of it. There’s no time like the present to talk through future plans!

Name Who

Imagine if yearbook superlatives were a game. Now, they are! Each time you draw one, name a person who reminds you of that card.

Share a Time

Have you ever wanted to get to know someone even better, but didn’t know where to start? Thanks to the Share a Time deck, there’s an easy way to get stories flowing:

Mix It Up® On-the-Go

Now, you can get the Mix It Up always ready-for-fun recipes in a perfect on-the-go solution. Find 25 family activities to do together using the things in your car and on-the-go, all without extra prep or planning ahead. Inside, you’ll find 5 activity recipe categories:


If the goal of your trip is to keep things lighthearted and easy, this might just be your go-to category. All you need to bring is just a little bit of creativity. Each recipe lists its ingredients, length of time, the setting, and the card category. Here’s one to help you get started:


Playing your favorite board games in the car isn’t very do-able… but turning the world around you into a game is. Play this one with your crew next time you’re on the road:


Empathy is an important trait that we all want to develop early with our kids. With the help of activities based in thoughtfulness and goodwill, kids get a chance to learn one of life’s most important lessons from the adults they look up to: how to be a caring, generous, kind person. Inspire goodness in your little ones by calling out acts of kindness all around you:


The world around us has so many teaching moments in store, whether the teacher be out in nature or just at the grocery store. Help your kiddos get a head start with activities made just for learning from the world around you:


For kids with active minds, there’s no better way to put that mind on a creative project. Singing in the car just got a whole lot more fun. Get ready to pipe up and sing:

Ready… Set… Go!

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