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Create Core Memories This Summer

Create Core Memories This Summer

Create Core Memories This Summer

We all have core memories from our childhood—the ones that we can picture vividly when triggered and left a lasting impression. These memories may have helped shape relationships or the way we see the world. Over time, a string of core memories might influence our interactions with our own kids.

It's impossible to know what creates core memories. They’re not tied to the extravagance or uniqueness of an event. While a moment is happening, it may not be apparent that you’ll remember it later. The same is true for your kids—no matter how much you may want them to remember a trip to a beach, they may just have a few hazy moments to look back on. You can’t plan for a core memory, but you can help inspire moments that may create them. And, taking photos and videos of these moments means you can share, view, and talk about them over and over again—solidifying them as memories. So, why not start making memories together this summer?

Why making core memories as a family matters

Shared experiences can strengthen emotional bonds within a family, fostering trust, empathy, and understanding. At pennycake, we know that spending time doing meaningful activities together lets families create lasting memories and a sense of belonging. In turn, they establish a supportive and loving environment.

So with only 17 summers with our kids before they’re not kids anymore, let’s talk about how to create memories during this special time of year.

Let’s make a summer bucket list

Most of us are familiar with making a bucket list—getting out some paper and writing down things we’d love to do. So, let’s start there. But don’t do it alone, get your family involved and ask what things they imagine as summertime fun. Here are some ideas to get you started.

At home ideas:

  • Have a lemonade stand
  • Make balloon animals
  • Have a picnic in the park

Do-it-in-a-weekend ideas:

  • Go to a waterpark
  • Go on an overnight camping trip (local spot or in the backyard)
  • Have a zoo day

One-time things:

  • Go on a road trip
  • Go to a concert
  • Take on an adventure sport (think zip-lining, rock-climbing, or ropes course)

If coming up with activities of your own is more your style, but you don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. Learn how to come up with a list of your own here.

After you’ve made your list, figure out how to make it stick. Whether this is putting dates on a calendar or posting sticky-notes on a board and picking a new one every Saturday, find what works for your family. And—even better, think of a way to look back on the activity once you’re back home. There’s no wrong answer, but we do have an all-in-one solution that can help!

FrameTheFun™ family bucket list

FrameTheFun™ family bucket list is a picture-perfect way to plan for memorable times ahead. With 35 activity cards (30 we came up with, and 5 for your own activities) and a sturdy wooden frame, your plans will always be in sight and top of mind.

When you’ve made it home and the fun is done, replace the original card with a 3x3 photo to capture your summer memories in one place.

We hope you have lots of fun in store soon. Tag @pennycake in your photos on Instagram so we can follow along! Happy planning!

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